Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Monday, February 28, 2005

Just watched the Oscars and here are some quick thoughts:

-- Renee Zellweger looked and walked like a seahorse.

-- Not enough Beyonce.

-- Robin Williams did a Marlon Brando impression and then a Jack Nicholson impression. I knew this sounded familiar, so I searched my own blog for Robin Williams and found this post from 8/28/03:

Holy crap. Robin Williams is on Regis and Kelly Lee right now and he's doing a Marlon Brando impression. Zing! Take that Brando! Oh man, Robin Williams is great. A Marlon Brando impression! It's about time someone stuck it to him. No one has ever done one of those. What next? Maybe a Jack Nicholson impression? Robin Williams is a genius! And by genius, I mean annoying idiot hack who hasn't been funny in 15 years.

That's all I remember. Oh, and Julia Roberts' boobs. Those were impressive.
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