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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Is everyone familiar with the phrase Tune In Tokyo? I had to explain it to someone recently and I didn't really know the origination of it, so I did a Google search and found the lyrics to what might be the greatest song ever penned. And here they are:

Tune in Tokyo!
Tune in Tokyo!!
Are your nipples sore?
Are your nipples sore??
Are they sore?!?!

Those lyrics are credited to "Evil" Kevin La Bounty. I would really like to hear that song. He also wrote a song called "Cuntamination." Here is a sampling:

Uh-nate my brain!

I'm guessing Evil Kevin won't be invited to perform at Super Bowl XL's halftime show, but I already love his band. Haven't heard a note, but this is some good stuff.

Holy shit, read these lyrics to "The Grocery Store Song."

I went to Luckys one day to get a...
Box of Animal Crackers, but when I got there...
I found that they were all out.
I said, "HEY! Store Manager...You got some more...
Somewhere in the back that you're not telling me about?"...
But she kicked me out the door...Fucking! Skanky! Whore!

Apparently Evil Kevin was part of a band called Boy Kicks Girl. Kind of violent. He seems to have issues with women. First he's tweaking their nipples, making sure they are sore, then he uses the C word, and then he calls the super market manager a whore just because they are out of what seems to be a very popular product. Geez, Kevin, it's probably not her fault that they are out of Animal Crackers. And even if she is a whore, the skanky kind, I doubt that fact has anything to do with the availability of Animal Crackers. Well, now that I re-read the lyrics, he says that he asks her if they have crackers somewhere in the back, and she kicks him out the door. That seems unnecessary. If that really happened, then I could understand his reaction.

Anyway, this whole thing got started with Tune In Tokyo. Does anyone know where that came from? What's the story? Hey, and now that I have comments, you can just give me your answer right there. How about that? These things are convenient, I suppose.

What I find weird about the comments is when people ask me questions. I don't really like commenting on my own blog. So maybe I'll just answer you here.

First, someone asked me why the comments are centered. Um, I don't know. That's how they started and I really don't give much of a damn to fix them. But if you need a reason, let's just say I like things in the middle. Left-justified text is for assholes.

Second... I thought there were more questions. Oh. Someone asked me if I saw SNL this weekend. And, um, no. I didn't. I kind of wanted to, but I actually had somewhat of a life this weekend and I was out.

Anyway, like I was saying, Tune In Tokyo? What's the deal? I also recently noticed the acronym it creates.

Oh, last thing... I've got more Gmail invites than I know what to do with, so if anyone wants one, comment me. Although I feel everyone has Gmail at this point, so what's the point? Exactly. That's my point.

OK, so Tune In Tokyo. Go!
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