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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I went to Virgin MEGASTORE!!!! this evening because I wanted to buy the Life Aquatic soundtrack. Not a very good movie, but a fine soundtrack from Wes Anderson, as usual. Turns out, I was in the MEGASTORE!!!! when I was a little bit drunk. In ten minutes, I bought the following:

-- The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack. I listened to most of it on the subway. Great. The Seu Jorge songs are beautiful; the best part of the film. I thought he was singing in French, which I later learned was Portuguese, but hey, I'm no smart guy or nothing. And it's like what Red said in the Shawshank Redemption... (I shall paraphrase) "I don't know what those Italian ladies were singing about, but I didn't care." That's what I felt about Jorge's songs. I mean, I knew the songs, but he sang them with such a newfound passion that it didn't matter what he was saying. I know the Bowie songs and what he is saying, but the sound of it was ... I don't know. It was good, get off my back.

-- The Killers - Hot Fuss. This was an impulse buy. I heard a few songs, like the somebody told me that you had a boyfriend song and something else that Yahoo Launch played for me, and it sounded pretty good. I'm listening to it right now and it's not bad, but I don't see myself listening to it all that often. Reminds me of a lot of other bands.

-- Airplane. Not much in the way of bonus features, which usually decides whether or not I buy a DVD, but this one is a movie everyone must own. And it was only ten dollars. The mom from Leave it to Beaver saying, "Excuse me, stewardess? I speak jive." That was worth my ten bucks right there.

And then I bought a Pixies album that I lost and needed to find. I did not find it, so it's a re-buy.

So what I'm saying is that drunk shopping is a little bit fun. I might regret the Killers album, but that's all. The song that's on right now is pretty good. Maybe I won't regret it. I'm sure I'll burn a song or two onto some mix CDs for someone.

There is no point to this post.

So you might say, "Hey Mike, Life Aquatic was a good movie, so why didn't you like it?"

I don't know for sure, but I just didn't like a lot of it. I think I'm over Wes Anderson's meticulous shots. I loved the boat set, but the characters were lacking. I found Cate Blanchett's character annoying (and I love that woman). What was the deal with her and the bubble gum popping? That was such a cheap Jerry Bruckheimer move. One of those lame character "traits".

"OK, so you're a tough guy and you are always chewing on a toothpick, right? And you Cate, well your character, she's kind of independent, and sassy, so we are going to convey that through you popping bubbles with your gum."


Now, for great Bill Murray movies, tomorrow is Groundhog Day. "I'm a god. I'm not the God. I don't think." Any movie that can make Andie McDowell somewhat tolerable is a fine movie. "I like to say a prayer and drink to world peace."

So happy Groundhog Day and happy State of the Union night. Perhaps the president will see his shadow.
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