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Sunday, February 13, 2005

I like reading reviews of movies after I see them. I think I've talked about this before. Critics often give away too much. Anyway, I also like reading user reviews on things like Netflix and Amazon. I just watched Ray last night, and here is my favorite review so far:

Damn, I'd love to get my hands on Jamie Foxx. He is so fine and cute. In the movie "Ray," you can see one of his nipples when he's in bed with his wife. I really hope he gets the Oscar, because if he don't, there's gonna be some MAJOR problems, okay? You go, Jamie!

Spoiler alert!

It is true. You do see one of Jamie Foxx's nipples. Just one, though. What a gyp. He's got dark nipples. Well, at least one dark nipple. Can't vouch for the other one. I heard that Ray Charles had really dark nipples, and Jamie Foxx wanted his performance to be so accurate, he made his nipples darker for the film. What an amazing performance!

Truth be told, I wasn't nuts about this movie. Sure Jamie Foxx is pretty good, but the movie itself is kind of lame. It's a movie about a heroin addict. I've seen enough of those. I was very impressed by the performance of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. For real. He was really good.

Now, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. That's a fine film. Neil Patrick Harris definitely should have been nominated. Just to see and hear Doogie Howser say, "I'm totally tripping balls." Worth the price of admission.
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