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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Before I went out and reveled last night, I decided to donate some cash to CARE. Before Christmas, I was feeling like I should donate money to something or other, but wasn't sure what. So thank God this tsunami came along and made it easy for me!

Anyway, after I donated online, it said, "Thank you for helping save lives!" I didn't really think of it as saving lives. That's a lot of pressure. I just wanted my money to buy some bottled water or something.

So that was my last good act of 2004. It also might have been my first. I wasn't very charitable this year. I helped a lady carry a stroller up the stairs from the subway. That's all I can remember.

I'll change my ways in 2005, just you wait and see. That's a lie. Damn, not a good way to start. Telling lies.

My New Year's Eve was fine, thanks for asking. Some asshole brought tequila.

Hmph. I'm tired. Most likely the fault of the tequila.

Happy new year, me bitches!

I was looking for a New Year's photo to post, and came across this one from France. Here is the caption:

French fire fighters extinguish a burning car torched during New Year's celebrations in Strasbourg, eastern France, January 1, 2005. At least 29 cars were torched and 43 people arrested in what has become a New Year's Eve tradition. REUTERS/Jean-Marc Loos

What a bunch of le douche bags.
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