Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Three questions from Sara, whose blog you should read.

1. Which Ghostbuster is your favorite: Egon, Ray, Peter, or Winston? P.S., you can't pick Peter.

I'd have to go with Egon. I have not much of a reason why. I suppose because he directed Groundhog Day. Ghostbusters was the first movie I watched when my family first got a VCR. I was home sick from school for a couple of days and must have watched it twenty times. I would even wait for the credits to end, so it would rewind itself. I was fascinated by our new SRMSN (Self-Rewinding Movie Showing Machine).

2. Which is the better horrifying name for Erin Byrne's impending baby I made up while waiting for my mom in the car while she was at the bank today: Kankley Bryson or Marchley Kython?

Kankley Bryson without a doubt. Because if the kid grows up to have cankles, that would be horrifying. Is everyone familiar with cankles? Where the calf blends into the ankle? I know plenty of people that have them. Not me though. My ankles are clearly defined. But Marchley Kython is also a pretty scary name. I suggested to her a while ago she name the baby Mike Toole. A new co-worker of mine apparently thought people called me "Toole" as a joke. When she found out it was my real name, she did a lot of laughing. That hurt. So I would now like to recant that recommendation.

3. What nickname(s) did/do your family call you? Tell the story. Show your work.

We weren't really a nickname kind of family. The only one that kind of stuck was (and I'm not sure how to spell this) Baboo. Boboo? Prounounced bah-boo. But say it fast. Bahboo. My sister, when she was learning to talk, she talked all retarded, and she couldn't say my name. When she tried, it came out like that. Bahboo. My dad was the one who used it most as a nickname after that. Once that nickname died out, he started calling me, "I'm going to start charging you rent." I don't know the origin of that one.
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