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Monday, December 27, 2004

Last night on SportsCenter, they opened the show with the Reggie White story and said, "The NFL and the world suffered a great loss today..."

The world? This is on the same day where over 20,000 people died from a tsunami. Sure, the guy was a minister and I'm sure did a lot of nice things for people. But the world? I bet there are many countries where not one person knew of Reggie White.

"Did you see that wave yesterday? Something else, huh?"

"Yes, I lost my family and my entire village. But at least we still have Reggie White, the great defensive lineman."

"Oh my, have you not heard? He passed away yesterday."


It's nothing new for ESPN to overblow stories. If your only news source was ESPN, you would think that only one soldier has died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pat Tillman. That's it. He's the only one. Of course, if your only news source was ESPN, well then, we should have a chat.

Also in the intro, the guy said something like, "Reggie White was called home early this morning." Called home. Meaning God called him up to heaven.

After that, Stuart Scott, the worst thing ever to happen to sports broadcasting, said something like, "When ya hit your knees tonight, think about Reggie White..."

Ya see, Stuart Scott is so fucking cool, he couldn't say, "When you say your prayers tonight." No. When ya hit your knees tonight. Hey kids, don't forget to hit your knees tonight.

Anyway, I just want to watch some football highlights, and all of the sudden I am watching ChurchCenter. So I popped in The Simpsons Season 5 DVD, a gift I bought for myself the other day.

What's my point? I forget. Somtimes I hate sports. Reggie White dying is sad. But I think we'll get on. Football fans and I'm pretty sure the world will be able to get through this terrible time of tragedy.

If you'd like to donate to the Red Cross, you can go here. I think they are accepting donations for the tsunamis and Reggie White. You can also buy this sweet vintage T at the Red Cross Store! Check it out. You'll be all fucking hip and kind of Asian!

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