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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I stayed home form work today and slept until 12:30. That felt nice. A little added bonus is that it was the coldest morning of the winter, so far. I think I might call in sick any time the thermometer drops below freezing. I felt like Homer Simpson in the episode where he stays home and everyone else goes to church. He's all curled up in his bed beneath the covers while everyone else is in the church, whose heating system is broken.

Eventually I made my way outside and became somewhat productive. I got to see my landlord's father who was cleaning the hallway, who for an old man was wearing his pants at a surprisingly normal level. There has been a step outside my apartment that has been broken for about a month now. It was supposed to have been fixed a long time ago. This doesn't sit well with the landlord's father. He said to me with his Greek accent, "This fuckin guy. He keep say 'Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.' But he no come, this fuckin guy. This people no fuckin good."

I like when old people curse. Especially old Greek people. The Greek mother is another fun one. She is really nice, not so good with the language, and so far has not cursed. But when I first moved here, I saw her everywhere. I'd be walking in the supermarket, and there she'd be. I'd be blocks away coming off the subway, and there she'd be. It was getting kind of sad that I had been in the neighborhood for a month and the only person I knew was a 70-year-old lady.

Every time I see her now, she has a different health ailment. First it was her back, then she was sick but didn't know what was wrong, and the most recent time I saw her she was wearing a neck brace. And it's been established that those things are hilarious. So I laughed uproariously and kicked her feet out from under her.

Old people are so fragile these days.
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