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Monday, November 08, 2004

Well, good day to you. I have not much to report today. As you may know, when I start off a post like that, I often ramble for miles.

Speaking of miles, this past Sunday was the NYC Marathon. And what a marathon it was! I slept through it. Yes, that's right, while some amazing people were wrecking their knees for 20-something miles, I was sleeping away a beautiful day. When I did wake up, I was just in time to watch The Surreal Life marathon. It was 20-something miles of hilarity! Watching Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen... weirdest television romance ever? Yes, I think so. I also liked the rare occasion when Flavor would have a conversation with Charo. Two people talking to each other, neither of which having any clue what the other is saying.

Speaking of romance, this lady wants to have my virtual babies, which is downright nice of her. I am fine with that, just as long as you understand that I will be a virtual deadbeat dad.

Speaking of deadbeats, Doug... I got nothing. Doug's not a deadbeat.

Speaking of Doug, last night I got the urge to clean the bathroom. That's never too much fun. But the end result is always nice. It was an odd urge to get late on a Sunday evening as I waited for the Simpsons and Arrested Development. That should also tell you how I feel about King of the Hill. "Hmmm, watch King of the Hill or scrub the bathtub and toilet???"

Sorry, Hank Hill. I just can't watch that show. It's not even that bad. I just physically can't watch it for some reason.

So the bathroom. Every time I do that, I think back to when my mom would clean the toilet and she never seemed to really enjoy it. So I always wondered why she continuously did it. Turns out you kind of have to clean it. Otherwise it gets disgusting. I do remember her saying something once to the effect of, "Do you think I like cleaning shit?" Not that my family was shitting all over the place. But you know how toilets get, what with splashback and all.

Why am I talking about this?

No reason. I've got nothing else.

I always find it amusing after I clean the bathroom how careful I am for the rest of the day. Any drop of water on the top of the sink, and I quickly wipe it away. I assume everyone is like this, no? I am not a very "clean" person, but when I clean the bathroom, I go kind of nuts. I have to get into every last nook and clean out the last cranny. Then I'll go into my room and jump over a pile of dirty underwear on my way to bed.

Speaking of bed, I think I'm ready for it. It is now 9:30 EST. 9:30. I'm probably going to bed. I am awesome, no?

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