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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

First, I'd like to thank a fella named Mike for sending me this picture of the FUCK THIS SHIT guy. I would like to meet him.

I was going to write a big rant on this election, but I'm a little late to the party. But I'll sum up:

-- My stomach hurts from being so disgusted.
-- I'm thinking of buying stock in wire hangers, now that abortion will be made illegal.

I think that's all I had. Except for this really long thing I'm about to type.

I think the biggest mistake in all of this for Kerry was his choice of a running mate. Sure, he's got the nice smile, the boyish charm, the John Ritter resemblance, the southern attitude. But what else did John Edwards really bring to the table? In 2000, people who voted for Bush were also confident in Cheney, and those that they'd be surrounded by (mainly Powell). Who could be confident in Edwards? He couldn't even win in his own state. Arkansas actually had a higher percentage vote for Kerry.

Looking back, Wesley Clark was probably the way to go. He's from Arkansas, so he's got the Southern connection, but most importantly, he was a four star general in the Army. And there probably weren't any Swift Boat Veterans that would have been able to bring him down.

That's what Kerry needed. Some sort of backbone that made you believe he could be strong on Defense. He vowed to protect the country and "hunt down and kill" the terrorists. But he never made you believe it. He said he had plans. I'm not sure what those plans were, but he had them. And when you get right to it, the undecideds who still had some faith in Bush, didn't get a strong enough sense of confidence from Kerry. And Edwards brought nothing to back him up. I think someone like Clark could have been a guy to swing a lot of votes.

Democrats are in some serious shit. Perhaps the people from that Extreme Makeover show can help.

Oh well. We'll get them next year! Clark in '05!!!!!
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