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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Well, in case you weren't worried about all of those missing weapons over in Iraq, maybe you should, now that the "experts" are worried.

Seriously, I want to be an expert on something. I could totally do this. When I first heard the news of those missing weapons, I thought to myself, Hey, that's quite worrisome! But I didn't tell anyone because I'm not an expert.

So remember when people were pleading with the Bush administration to let the inspectors continue to do their jobs? See, those guys knew that these weapons were there, then when they got kicked out, told the military where those weapons were, and now the weapons are gone. I guess we forgot to put that "Police Line: Do Not Cross" tape around them. This war is just splendid.

Don't fret. I won't get all politico on you. Well, maybe I will. Voting is a week away. I'm hopeful, but only mildly.

I just can't comprehend this shit. "theft and looting ... due to lack of security"

Theft and looting. Explosives! They are looting explosives. The only looting I am all that familiar with is seeing some people busting out of a fucking Radio Shack with a TV during the LA riots. Or a radio. Or whatever they sell there. Shacks. Not plutonium or whatever the crap they are stealing.

Someone recently asked me, "How can people still be so supportive of Bush?" I said something to the effect of that he seems to provide a security blanket that people like hearing. No matter what awful shit goes down over there, he still says we are safer. My apologies, but 400 tons of missing explosives doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

I'm not saying Kerry will get in there and make the world safer and Iraqi insurgents will lay down their arms and we'll all hug and thank God this international nightmare is over. But at least he tells the truth. Iraq is a fucking quagmire and the shit ass planning ("Well, we blow it all up and go from there") that GWB and the Fuckwads brought with them was obviously horrendous. And as far as I am concerned, that deserves a big swift kick in the tush, right out the Oval Office.
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