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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Way to go Boston. In case you are wondering what you should do right now, might I recommend you pahty hahd.

I got bored towards the end of the game and thought I'd take some pictures of my television with my phone (that sentence would have made no sense two years ago). The ultimate in photo journalism.

I just love seeing Yankee fans with that "Will someone please tell me how this is happening?!?!?!" look.

The other night I was talking with Bill, and he said it'd be a pretty sweet job to be the cameraman that just scopes out cute girls in the stands. Well, yesterday, that guy must have had the night off. There was the one Boston fan who at first seemed somewhat cute, but then she opened her mouth and screamed "Hurrah!", and all you saw was metal and rubber bands. I am glad I never had braces. Then towards the end there was that Yankee fan lady with the crazy red lipstick who looked like the most miserable woman on earth. She was not cute.

Did anyone see the most random sign during game 6 that some fan had, which read, "Get Rubenized!" All the players on that team, and you bring a Ruben Sierra sign? And a piss poor sign at that which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

If I was in charge of the camera, I'd have only one objective: Fat guys eating hot dogs.
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