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Monday, October 25, 2004

I suppose I'm rooting for the Red Sox, but there were some fans I ran into Saturday night that were the most annoying fans I've ever encountered, and almost made me root for the Cardinals. Granted, every team has idiot fans, but Red Sox fans, especially now, seem to have this thing where they can be like, "I'm a Red Sox fan and I've earned the right to be loud fucking dick! Wicked!"

These guys were clapping or complaining after every pitch. At one point, the count was two balls, one strike against a Cardinals player. The next pitch was a strike, and this guy yelled, "Yeah! Two and two, baby!"

Yes, the count is 2 and 2. Way to pay attention. They would also chant "Let's go (player name)!" for almost every batter. That didn't get too old that quickly. After Mark Bellhorn caught a routine pop up, this guy yelled, "Yeah, Bellhorn! Fucking nice!" Yeah man. Great job in standing under that ball for five seconds. That's a pretty tough play for a major leaguer.

I understand being excited. But come on. There was a guy next to me who I heard say, "Are these guys seriously going to do this after every pitch?" That did seem to be their goal, but lucky for us and humanity, they were probably drinking since 4:00, and they got that "My head weighs 700 pounds right now and it's filled with tequila and Bud Light" look about them. They quieted down around the fourth inning.

I think I should probably stay in for the rest of these games, because these fans are driving me nuts. And as a side note, I've yet to run into an asshole from St. Louis.
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