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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yesterday, I almost saw the most horrific thing I almost ever saw.

I was walking home and a woman was putting her kids in the car. As she was strapping one to the car seat, the other one, a little girl about three-years-old, decided it would be fun to start shrieking and smiling and then doing some running out into the middle of a busy avenue. I wasn't really watching, but I heard this old lady who was walking by me say, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

When I looked, the kid had just rounded the front of the car and was heading straight for an SUV doing about 45. And you know what the guy in the SUV did?


He didn't swerve. Didn't slam on the brakes. He honked his fucking horn. "Outta the way, ya stupid baby!"

Lcukily, the father, who was on the driver's side grabbed the kid and saved her little life. But it was really close and fairly frightening. So for the rest of my walk I thought of the other scenario, which basically would have been me watching as this kid got creamed. I imagined the cover of the Post or the Daily News saying, "Horror in Astoria". Then a subheadline that says, "Three-year-old tragically mowed down by guy who was in a rush. Some dude named Mike saw it happen, but didn't save the kid. He will be saddled with guilt for the rest of his life. Lady yells 'Oh my God!' an inappropriate amount of times. Yankees' lead remains at 4 games."
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