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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

This post is kind of a downer. I apologize. But if you get past it, there is a fine anecdote about boogers.

This shit in Russia. God damn. I keep reading articles about it, even though I feel like throwing up. Just reading and looking at pictures, I think I can actually feel my heart hurt. Can you imagine what living in that town must be like right now? At least 156 kids dead. How do other kids go back to school after that?

I don't know much about the Chechen war, but I do know this: Whatever they were fighting for (although what they did can hardly constitute "fighting"), they just blew it. Whatever small chance there may have been for the Russian government to cede any ground, you killed it as soon as you shot a child in the back.

Unlike September 11th, when there were people dancing in the streets of some fine countries, I can hardly imagine the citizens of Chechnya supporting this. This is the only quote I could find in an article from a Chechen citizen:

"I was sitting watching it on TV, and I was going out of my mind. I was thinking, what kind of people could do that? What kind of people could treat children like that?" said Tabarik Gagayeva, who sells sunflower seeds in a market outside the Chechen capital of Grozny.

On the list of victims in this whole mess, a distant second are the citizens of Chechnya, who now have no promise of ever getting what they want. Thanks to a bunch of sick bastards... no. Bastards implies they are human. But thanks to these whatever they are, Chechnya has just been guaranteed their shit lives will continue with no end in sight.

So bravo! to you, terrorists. Not only did you take away people's children, but you just took away any and all hope for your cause. But you're dead now. You got off easy. Not that there is any punishment that could fit this crime. But whatever it would have been, the lot of you got away from it. Hopefully, those in charge of the afterlife have devised something special for you, something new. And I hope it hurts like hell. Not only the physical kind of hurt, but something equivalent to those of a parent who watched their child get shot. Physical pain is too simple. Your thoughts should hurt. Everything you look at should make you want to cry. Your brain should do nothing but wail.

I'm done now. Bottom line: I don't like people that kill kids. Call me crazy.
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