Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Friday, September 24, 2004

This Monday, I will be older. Well, technically we all get older with every speck of time that goes by, but this Monday is an official day. I am very not excited. Birthdays on a Monday are no fun. I was going to plan something this weekend, but that didn't happen. So it looks like I'm getting drunk in my underwear. The same thing I did on my 8th birthday.

In celebration of my years, here is a photo from when I was a young boy, stupider than now, though not by much, being tricked into believing this was the real Incredible Hulk. It looks like this picture was taken in some abandoned brickyard or something where we just happened to run into a guy dressed up as The Hulk, but it was actually a fair. I don't recall what fair it was, whether it be state, county, town, or The Old Abandoned Brickyard Fair, but I remember it kind of sucking.

I really like The Hulk's green 'fro. Outta sight.

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