Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The other day when I was going home on the subway, I sat next to a little old man. I paid not much mind to him. We just happened to be in close proximity. He was on my left, and to his left was a woman who was probably in her thirties.

At one point, she says something to him, which I can't hear (I had my headphones on), but apparently something has fallen from his pocket and she alerted him to it. He kind of fumbles around a bit, thanks her, and then says, "I got another one here, too." Now he reaches into his right pocket, which is on my side, and he is digging around in there like it's as deep as a well.

She, thinking he is a crazy old man who doesn't realize what just happened, says, "No. It's right here." Then he says, "No, no, no. I had two." I still don't know what the item in question is. He keeps digging, and then she looks around him, and in between me and the old man, and she says, "There it is." I finally look down to my left and there is a lemon rolling around on the seat, which has now approached my posterior.

He grabs and holds it up and says, "OK!" and gives a little old man giggle. He was very happy he didn't lose the other lemon. They continue to talk a bit, although I'm not sure about what (lemons, I'm assuming). He talks all sweet and nice to the lady. She gets off at the next stop and they bid farewell to each other.

He then relaxes and sighs, fumbles a bit more with his pockets and says to me, "These fucking lemons."
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