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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I am sitting here wanting to write, but I can't think of anything to write. Well, that's not true. I feel like I am on the brink of writing something meaningful and/or brilliant, and it just needs a little push, but nothing is coming out.

I am currently feeling that melancholy feeling that sets in on a Sunday night. The realization that I have to go to work tomorrow. The realization that I should have done laundry a week and a half ago. The realization that I just don't want to go to sleep, for then I'll be admitting my weekend is over.

'Twas a fun weekend. I went out with co-workers, who make for some pretty fun friends, on Friday. There was drinking, way too much of it. I think I acted like an idiot, and the next day when I asked someone else for confirmation of that, they confirmed, but reassured, "We were all idiots."

Well, good. On Saturday I went to the Mets game and saw the Mets win a game they had no business winning. It was a poor effort up until the ninth inning, and then once more in the eleventh. I got to see Craig Brazell hit a walk-off home run. Yes, the Craig Brazell.

While it's no secret that Shea Stadium is a dump, it takes on a new kind of gloom when the Mets are as bad as they are, such as this year. There were more Cubs fans than Mets fans, and those Mets fans that were in attendance, really couldn't give a damn, myself included. It was fun to see them win, but that stadium just looked sad. Tear it down. Tear down the Mets. Let's start anew.

It was also quite sad to see what stats they would put on the scoreboard when certain Mets were at bat. Usually, when a player is batting, they put a piece of info on the scoreboard. For example, if it were a Yankees game, the scoreboard would read something like, "Gary Sheffield has batted .421 over his last 18 games" or "Hideki Matsui has hit safely in his last 13 games" or "Derek Jeter has a 21 game hitting streak, and last night saved a baby from a fire."

With the Mets, they were really reaching for stats. There was one that said "Gerald Williams has hit safely in 3 of his last four games." Wow! I was expecting the next time he was at bat for the scoreboard to say, "Gerald Williams drives a Saab."

What else can I say about the weekend? Oh, there was one thing that was quite upsetting. I went out to Bull McCabe's down there on St. Mark's. I used to go there a bit more frequently. The first time I was there, the bartender, who resembled Drew Carey, right down to the glasses, bought about five pizzas for the entire bar. It was one of the cooler things I've seen a barkeep do. Anyway, I asked someone at the bar if he still worked there, and he replied, "He died." Damn. Guy seemed pretty young and apparently died of heart failure. Weird. One of the last times I was there, he was telling me that he was driving out to Michigan to visit his mom. That made me sad, thinking that his mom was probably awfully sad. My sadness lasted for a few minutes, and then someone said, "Hey, let me buy you a shot."

Lots of people bought me birthday shots this weekend. That was nice. My birthday seems to have stretched out for the entire weekend. It was kind of like a Thanksgiving weekend. So now I am sure my actual birthday might be a bit of a letdown. Especially because I'll be at work and very few people buy me shots when I'm in the office.

I am off to sleep. Here is what Shea Stadium looks like when it's sad.

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