Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Monday, August 09, 2004

My sister found an old letter I wrote to her when I was working in Disney World. I used to write letters like a madman. I mean that I wrote a lot of them, not like a literal madman who pastes letters together cut from a magazine or in pig's blood. I liked writing letters. Then email came and destroyed my letter writing creativeness.

Anyway, I wrote this letter to my sister and mentioned this encounter:

I helped a little kid find his parents today. He was crying and I asked him, "Where were you with your parents last?" He replied, "I don't have a daddy."

I had forgotten about that. It was funny, though. Here was some poor kid crying his eyes out and I gave him one more reason to cry. You're lost and you have no dad?! It is over for you, little boy.

I miss writing letters. I don't miss emails though. My email frequency has dropped quite a bit since I've started the blog. I wonder what will make me blog less. I'm going to guess it will have something to do with getting back in to letter writing. Who wants a letter? Maybe I'll write you one.

I was thinking of starting a letter writing business a little while ago. I'd charge people to get letters from me. Something cheap. Everyone likes to get letters, right? And with email, not many people get real live letters anymore. I figured there are hundreds of lonely people who'd pay to get an amusing letter every once in a while. But then I decided it would most likely not be very lucrative and I'd eventually get a cramp in my hand. But I'll still send you a letter if you'd like one. Pro bono.
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