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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's funny. The one thing that George W. has said recently that I actually thought was interesting was where he intimated that the war on terror might not ever be won. He said, "I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world."

True that. I liked that he said it because it was honest. It wasn't smoke blown up my ass like "smoke 'em out of their holes." But now of course he is backtracking and promising that we'll win the war. And of course every Demmycrat is jumping all over him for being a flip flopper. Be honest, George! I don't like you so much, but I like when you speak that unscripted silly little mind of yours.

How do we know if and when the war on terror is over? We can't go two or three more years with nothing happening, then think, "That's it! It must be over!" What if some kid who today has no home in Iraq, who had his father or sister or mother or brother killed by an American bomb, decides in twenty years to blow himself up on a bus? Is the war back on? Was it ever over?

There will always be terror. There will always be someone with a beef against someone who has more power. Whether or not they act on that beef is whether or not there will be terrorism. It really is a war that can't ever be won. It will be a war that will always be in limbo.

One of the consistent messages the RNC is pumping out is that we are "a safer America." How? How do you know that? We felt pretty fucking safe on September 10, 2001. Safety wasn't even a thought in my mind. Before that, we had the first WTC bombing and Oklahoma City. The first one didn't seem like much. Oklahoma City was more shocking. And who is to say that there isn't some other Timothy McVeigh like creature somewhere in America plotting to blow up a government building? Maybe flying under the radar while we put all of our resources into spying on people of Arab descent. Neighbors worry more about the guy with the dark skin who talks funny more than the white guy cooking burgers.

For once, the president told the truth, and now he's taking lots of shit for it. Just so you know George, I agree with you. We won't win this war. We'll do a lot to make it seem like that. But somewhere in the future, perhaps when we are all dead and gone, and security at airports goes back to what it was like pre 9/11, someone will do something.

It's the circle of life, motherfuckers. Circle of life.
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