Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I wonder who starts tongue twisters. I just tried to create one that began, "I mistakenly misquoted a mosquito..." But that's as far as I got. I think that stands pretty well on its own. Say it ten times fast.

Anyone else catching Olympic fever? Because I sure ain't. It's more like the Olympic yawn. Kind of contagious, but nothing that will linger. I used to get excited about the Olympics (I still love the winter Olympics), but now it's kind of like, "Meh." When I say "meh," I wave my hand at you like I'm saying, "Nuts to you."

I really want the "Dream Team" to lose. These guys really aren't the Dream Team. You can't compare to the original. This team is more like the Five Minute Nap Team. Or the Doze Off While You're Driving Team.

I guess it's not nice to root against your own country, but I'd rather root for underdogs. Is Allen Iverson really a good representative for the USA? Why would I want to root for a bunch of overpaid selfish millionaires when some poor bastards from Yugoslavia or some other country might get a minute or two of fame, and actually seem like they are enjoying themselves? I'd rather see that. Because they've probably got not much else.

What is a better victory? Something like a bunch of amateurs and college players beating the unbeatable Russians in hockey? Or a bunch of basketball pros who have nothing to really play for beating up on Turkey?

In news unrelated to the Olympics or tongue twisters, it was about a year ago that I was in Colorado for the best vacation of my life. During that vacation, we rented Jeeps and drove around some mountains. In the last two weeks, four people have died when they drove their Jeeps off the path. That's not good.

Here is a photo that Rich took. The caption he put beneath the photo was "This is what the trails were like. If we were to slip off.... There is no stopping for 2000 feet."

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