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Friday, July 23, 2004

So today I gave a guy on the subway a new nickname. I will call this guy, Holy Shit That's My Roommate Jim From College.

I was sitting on the N train making my way to 57th street, when the doors at 34th street opened and in walks one of my college roommates who I have not seen in almost five years. He looks the same. We went to school in South Jersey, so it's not that crazy to run into each other, but it still always blows me away when I randomly meet someone on the street.

As he walked into the train, we both said "Holy shit" at the same time. It was totally bizarre. I was barely awake, but that was like a cup of coffee. It got me excited. Not in a gay way (although, don't get me wrong... Jim and I had some crazy sex). It is just fun to see people you know on the streets of New York, even if it is someone who lives down the block.

My greatest memory of Jim was the day that John Denver died. I know, where were you when he died??? Everyone remembers that one. Anyway, Jim was a big JD fan and would often sing some Rocky Mountain High. It was funny because Jim was a big guy, who had a personality similar to Chris Farley. Very boisterous.

The day Johnny D died, I was sitting in the apartment and heard the door downstairs open. We had a hallway that led up the stairs that would create an echo. Every step up the stairs was loud. So Jim walks through the door and just yells out, "NOOOOOOO!" It was so loud and I started cracking up because I knew what he was upset about. The news about John Denver was a couple of hours old.

He said "No" all the way up the stairs and finally got to the living room and with his eyes in disbelief, he kept yelling, "John Denver is dead, dude!" So we cranked some Thank God I'm a Country Boy and had a beer for our fallen hero.

When I saw Jim this morning, that was the first thing I thought of. I'm happy to report, though, that it seems as if Jim has finally gotten over John's death.

Anyway, I highly recommend running into people from your past. It's always fun. And I was just kidding about the sex that Jim and I had. We only dry-humped.
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