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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I know it's boring to talk about dreams, but this one might make me my millions.

Today at work, someone started talking about "that girl from Charles In Charge." Someone said Nicole Eggert. As soon as I heard the Charles In Charge talk, my brains started throwing all of these images at me, and all of the sudden I was thinking, Why do I have these bizarre distinct memories of talking to Scott Baio?

Then it hit me. Last night I dreamt that I approached Willie Aames about doing a spin-off of Charles In Charge, where the main character would be Buddy Lembeck. For some reason, we were on the set of Charles, and the entire cast was there, including the not hot sister of Nicole Eggert.

Anyway, Willie Aames didn't even remember his character from the show so it was going to take some convincing. I remember Scott Baio telling him that it was a great idea and he should do it.

The premise of the show was that Buddy was going to be a lawyer. That's all I really remember, but on my lunch break I thought of a few more details.

First thing you might ask is, "Buddy was a dummy. How can he be a lawyer?" Well, due to a paperwork mishap, Buddy passes the Bar Exam with flying colors and opens up his own practice. The man whose paperwork got confused with Buddy's, Reginald Fertabagular III, now makes it his life's work to bring down Buddy and his law firm, which Buddy calls Lembeck, Lembeck & Buddy.

So now Buddy has a rival. Reginald eventually does pass the Bar Exam and opens up his own law firm which tries to steal all of Buddy's clients.

Buddy wins all of his cases by pure dumb luck. He will say something in the middle of a trial which has nothing to do with the case, but then something will trigger in his brain and he will win the case.

For example, during a high profile murder case in which is client is wrongly accused of killing his wife, Buddy says to a bailiff, "You think you could rustle me up some peanuts?"

Then Buddy snaps and thinks, "Wait! Peanuts! That's just it! It would have been impossible for my client to be guilty because he loves peanuts!"

I'm not sure how that works, but you get the idea. This show would be unprecedented in that it is unheard of for a spin-off to not begin until 14 years after a show has been cancelled. And one that was created in a dream.

Willie Aames, your time is now! You haven't worked in years. Just look at your imdb profile. Call me.
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