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Friday, June 11, 2004

This is unbelievable. How fucking sensitive are we getting? Jimmy Kimmel, who is not even very funny but somehow has his own show, made some unfunny jokes about Detroit during halftime at the NBA Finals. Yeah, Detroit's a crappy city. Barrel of laughs. Anyway, regardless of the comedic value, the fact that they pulled his show that night nationwide is a joke. Apparently, his show had more "disparaging remarks."

I'm from New Jersey. If we pulled every show that had "disparaging remarks" about my fair state, there would be nothing on after 11:30. This boggles my mind. He didn't come out and say something like, "I think everyone in Detroit should die. Wouldn't that be awesome? The whole city, dead. That'd be great. Nothing but dead Detroiters all over the place. That would be great for this country. Hey, al-Qaeda, next time you attack the shit out of us, hit Detroit. You'll be doing us a favor."

So if he said, that, then yes. I'm all for pulling the show. But for saying some stupid shit about the city looting after the NBA Finals? Who fucking cares?

Dear Country,

Let's all take a deep breath, lighten up, laugh again, and make fun of each other. This also goes for all you white trash motherfuckers in Detroit. Hey, we can take it over here. Yeah, New Jersey smells like shit. New Yorkers all murder each other. See? Now give me a hug.

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