Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So I've got this Gmail account and I've got four accounts to give away. Anybody want one? I've been searching the Gmail Swap page, which is pretty awesome. Basically people offer you thing for a Gmail account. One of my favorite entries so far is Picture of my 75lb. Yellow Lab in a tutu. That sounds truly amazing.

A lot of people are offering money or other odd things. I had one to give away a while ago. One I gave to a guy at work and the other I gave to a guy who said he'd donate thirty bucks to a children's charity. And guess what? He did. He's a good man. And he has a blog. So thank you to Robert there for being a good person and donating money to charity, rather than offering up a humiliating picture of your fat dog.

So I have four invites to give away. I feel I should have a contest. Perhaps an essay contest. Or a poetry contest. Well, how about if you want a Gmail account you just email me and make your case, and then I'll see if you are worthy! Ha! The power I wield!

If you are interested, the charity that got thirty bucks thanks to a Gmail account is PUSH America.
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