Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Friday, June 18, 2004

A lady in the building across the street from me just jumped. She is no more.

What always shocks me about the way people kill themselves is the violence in which it happens. Why would you treat yourself so harshly? And then force others to look. She did this right next to an outdoor cafe. Imagine drinking your coffee and eating your muffin when, BOOM! A person just ends their life in front of you. A story for the tourists to take home.

Obviously people hate themselves if they decide to off themselves. But why not do it a little nicer? I stand by my theory that drowning is probably the way to go. They made it look downright beautiful in the beginning of The Hours when Virginia Woolf kills herself. Sure, your body will get all bloated and water logged, but it's better than being sidewalk batter or blowing your head to bits.

Maybe "shocks me" is the wrong phrase. I'm not shocked when someone does it. I just think, "Come on. Did you have to do it so nastily and in front of everyone?"

And think about what this will do to your mom. She will NOT be happy.
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