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Sunday, June 27, 2004

If you are here for the Madonna photo/story, click here.

Due to the Madonna/Esther sighting, my blog has gotten lots of action. I feel like Madonna's vagina in 1992.


I kid. I think she is a very nice person, based on our encounter. And I would like to thank gawker, stereogum and madonnalicious. All of these nice people linked to me and drove thousands here. You are welcome to stick around (although I probably just alienated lots of hard-core Madonna fans with that joke up there).

Anyway, there have been a few who have said, "That doesn't look like Madonna at all." My sister is included among these people. How dare you! Granted, it's not the best quality, but it's clearly Madonna. You can even kind of see the space between her teeth. And I have witnesses. Also, the folks at Drowned Madonna have a close up of the Material Girl (you will have to scroll down a bit). If it weren't for that Ray of Light on her face, there'd be no question. Get it? Ray of Light? Like the song. Ray of Light. It's a song by Madonna. Get it? It's a good song. You get it, right? Good.

Actually, if I wasn't the one who took the picture, I'd question it myself. If anyone sees an interview with Madonna where she mentions the guy who said "Hi Esther" and how she wants to meet him now, please let me know.

Something else that's funny is that I upset some American Idol fans. Someone in an MSN chat room or group or something called "Kelly Clarkson Express" had this to say about me and my blog:

Ahaha - well, that would have made my day if you had cut out the WH (William Hung) part. Ahaha! Gotta wonder about that blogger though. He didn't seem like he was being sarcastic when raving about WH. Ahhh - that worries me. Do ya think there may be more out there just like him (buying his horrible um ... music?) Again, Ahhhhh!!!

Yes, I wasn't being sarcastic at all when I said about William Hung, "William Hung is the greatest hero our nation has ever seen."

Nope. Not a bit of sarcasm there.

Another awesome thing about this is another Mike Toole found my blog. Many people get to this blog looking for this Mike Toole. But this other Mike Toole is an anime guy, something which I have no knowledge of, so his fans search for him and get here. It's cool and weird to have someone with your own name email you. And we're both 28. Maybe we were separated at birth. Or perhaps I was cloned.

Mike Tooles of the world, unite! With his knowledge of anime, and my blind luck of running into celebrities, there's no telling what we could do together! We could... um. We could take pictures of... let's see, what can we do? Anime + camera phones. Well, I'll think of something, but rest assured, it will be fucking awesome. That's right... your rest is assured. I am assuring your rest.

I've also gone global, thanks to a site titled "Madonna is lucky star for everybody".

She sure is my lucky star as far as blog traffic goes. I've gotten a lot of emails from Madonna fans who are very jealous of me. I feel kind of bad that they didn't get to see her. Way to not be in the right place at the right time, suckers!

My goal now for this blog is to attain candid celebrity photos. Although I think the only thing that might get more people here than Madonna, is a photo of Michael Moore making out with George W. Bush. Or maybe Barbara Bush. That'd be awesome.

I'm done talking about Madonna for now.

All Hail Hung!!!!

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