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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Not sure what I'll say about it just yet, so I'll type and see what happens.

Before I get to the actual movie, I'll comment on the audience. Very crowded for a Monday afternoon. A big theater about three quarters of the way full. You figure a documentary about politics would keep the riff-raff away. Yet, some fool brought their baby. Please check your baby at the door. Let the concession guys take care of your baby. They can rest it in the popcorn bin. Babies don't belong in movie theaters, especially one that is showing images of war. Not because the baby will be traumatized, but because the theater will be filled with adults that want to punch you because your baby is crying.

Then a guy's cell phone rings and he answers it and starts talking pretty loudly. Everyone immediately says something to him. He then hangs up and turns his phone off, but come on. How fucking stupid are you?

Then there was this baby who was talking on a cell phone.

Anyway, the movie. (This is me from the future. I just finished writing this, but it's too long and disjointed to post here. You can read all about it on my SuperSecret blog.)

I will let you know that I snuck into Dodgeball after Fahrenheit. Funnier than I expected. Usually those movies are funny in the beginning, but then get tiresome. This one actually got funnier later in the movie. Not as funny as The Day After Tomorrow, but still worth a couple of belly laughs.
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