Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I got the new Beastie Boys album yesterday. Haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I'm not blown away.

These guys are old. It's kind of odd. I like how they've gotten so political. It's not often you hear the Kyoto Treaty and OPEC referenced in hip-hop. I guess you've gotta rap to your age group. Here are some sample lyrics from a future Beastie Boys album, when they are in their late 60's.

I used to party all night and sleep all day,
Now I gotta cash in my fuckin' 401(k).

I've seen more Real World than Puck or Trishelle
I'm at the Red Lobster for the Early Bird Special.

I might be old, but I still love beer.
Someone close that door! There's a draft in here.

That's all I got.
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