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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The NY Post is basically advocating genocide in their editorial this morning. This is based on the beheading of Nick Berg. Not only do they tell us to "Forget Abu Ghraib", but they recommend that it's time to step up the war and "not stop until every last one of the savage thugs is dead."

(Begin sarcastic tone)

Well, why is no one in the New York Post heading the Department of Defense? Why didn't anyone else think of this? Get rid of the bad guys! That is all we have to do. Just find the savage thugs. They can't be too hard to find, since they all wear masks. Anyone with a mask should be killed.

Thank you, New York Post, for dumbing it down so well. And we all know that nothing puts an end to violence like more violence. It's a sure-fire way to make sure these things never happen again. Just ask Israel.

(End sarcastic tone)

I have my own ideas on how to deal with the Middle East. Let's get the fuck out and let them all kill each other. I propose that all maps just lump together the Middle East and we'll call it HateLand, or CrazyMotherfuckistan.

We are obviously not good at being the Whites in Shining Armor like we promised. Let's get out, let them start from the beginning and see what happens. Take all of the money being invested in Iraq, funnel it into intelligence, so we notice when 20 Middle Eastern men are taking lessons at a flight school, but don't want to take off or land, or something to that effect. Whatever money is left over should go into a huge backyard barbecue at the White House for the entire country on the Fourth of July, where we will sip Bacardi like it's our berfday.
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