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Thursday, March 18, 2004

I was watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock 'n Roll yesterday. VH1 is the random channel I am getting for free this month. Anyway, I started watching at around 38, and I stuck it out until the end. Just as they said, "And up next, we have the final two", my TV went to all static. Every channel. I knew that John Lennon would be number one, but I wasn't sure about number 2. Turns out it was when Michael Jackson got busted in '93 with pedophile charges. That's crap. I thought it'd be the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly. Come on! It had the Big Bopper on it!

Anyway, what I found most interesting about the whole show was they had some pictures of Kurt Cobain after he killed himself. It was when the cops were there investigating and there was a photo through a doorway where you could see him lying there, from the waist down. What struck me was that he still had his sneakers on. If I was going to do that, I'd definitely take off my shoes. I'd be all about a comfortable suicide. I've got these awesome socks that I bought from Eddie Bauer that were on sale for half price, and man, they'd be so good walking into the afterlife. Assuming the floor is hardwood, I could do that run and slide for a few feet. How fun.

I didn't understand a lot of the VH1 choices about the most shocking moments. Michael Jackson's hair going on fire was really high up there. First, that wasn't all that shocking. It was more on the hilarious side. Shocking means I would say, "Oh my word!" Which I didn't. Second, these were supposed to be shocking moments in Rock and Roll. He was filming a Pepsi commercial where he agreed to change the lyrics to Billie Jean so they would relate to Pepsi. That is so not Rock and Roll. Eleven kids dying at a Who concert? That's Rock and Roll. Being sued by some idiot parents because their idiot kids killed themselves while listening to your music? Rock and Roll. Dying on a toilet? Rock and Roll. Having a spark fly from a pyrotechnic and light up your head? Rock and Roll. Unless of course you are filming a commercial.

So, in conclusion. Kids dying = Rock and Roll. Hair burning during a commercial = Not Rock and/or Roll. Leaving your sneakers on during suicide = undetermined.
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