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Monday, March 29, 2004

Hey ladies!

So a couple of fine upstanding young women blew themselves up in Uzbekistan today, so far killing at least 19 people. They did it in a market near a shop called "Children's World". OK, they are horrible people, nothing new to say there. But my question here is this: What are female suicide bombers promised? We know that dudes get a bunch of virgins and martyr status. While I'm sure these ladies get the same martyr status, do they get 40 guy virgins? Are they are going to get to whatever after-life they get to and have 40 nerdy high school boys with boners eagerly awaiting their arrival? Or do they get something else? A bunch of hunks, perhaps? At least a calendar with some sexy firemen?

If anyone knows the answer to this, please let me know. And it is great to finally see that equal rights for women are taking steps forward in the middle east. At least in bomb form.
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