Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Thursday, March 11, 2004

After September 11th, I always imagine random shit just blowing up. What happened in Spain is a frequent fear and daydream. Or daynightmare, I suppose. I'll see someone mysterious on my train and imagine him saying some prayer or some shit, then pushing a button and boom. There goes the L train.

And there was this truck that was sitting outside my apartment for a very long time. A U-Haul. I imagined it loaded with explosives. It sat across from a school. My paranoia one morning said to me, "If that thing is still here when you get home, let someone know. That's been there for an odd amount of time, and it has never moved." I got home that day and it was gone.

There was a really loud boom fairly recently outside of my office. I'm used to hearing noises like trucks barreling down Broadway making loud noises, but this was huge. Everyone looked up. I turned around and expected to see the Empire State Building crumbling. It was some stunt that was going on outside of the Dave Letterman show, but it scared the shit out of me. Maybe they were blowing up a snowboarder.

So when real stuff happens like that... sheesh. It's frightening enough to think it, but to see it. Oh well. I'd rather not talk about tragedy and war. I just can't imagine ever getting so emotional over a belief that it would seem like a good idea to blow up people on their way to work. I believe that Jim Carrey is not a very good serious actor. But I would never blow up a bus to convince you of that. I'd just watch the Truman Show with you and say, "Come on. You're telling me this isn't overrated?" But that's it.
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