Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Mike Ditka is urging people to take the Levitra Challenge. Levitra is the Pepsi to Viagra's Coke. So this is like the Pepsi Challenge, only it's for soft penises, not soft drinks.

I hope they set up booths on the street like they used to do for the Pepsi Challenge and they have commercials showing that people actually chose Levitra, even though they were so sure it was Viagra.

"Yeah. I'm getting a boner. It's pretty big, but not huge, more like a half boner. Like the kind I used to get in the morning. Let me try the other one. Whoa! Holy boner! This is definitely Viagra. What? It's not? No way. You are kidding me! Oh my God, this is such a great boner, I can't believe it's not Viagra. I'm definitely switching to Levitra. Look at this thing. My wife will be thrilled."

Aaahhh, boners. Such a funny word and so reliable. I had nothing else to write about today, then along comes Mike Ditka and his Boner Contest. Thanks Mike. If they still did that sketch on SNL with the Super Fans, you could bet there'd be a sketch this weekend with, "Da Boners."
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