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Friday, January 16, 2004

Echoing Lisa's sentiment, I am also disappointed about Carol Moseley Braun dropping out of the race. I like her. It'd be cool to have her as president. We'd be a cool country. Other countries would say, "Oh yeah, America. That's the uh, the country with the black chick, right?"

I like her. She's got sass. If she was in office and terrorists attacked us, it'd be nice to have a president who can say, "Oh, no you didn't."

I think she went about her campaign all wrong. First off, she didn't have a lot of supporters, so obviously she didn't have the cash. But she should have went on the platform that not only would she be the first woman president, but she'd be the first black president as well. So there is an audience she could have appealed to, which are the racist or the chauvinistic people who are always sick of hearing people complain that there is no diversity in the White House. This would kill two birds with one stone. Her slogan should have been, "Carol Moseley Braun: She's black and she's a woman. Let's just get it out of the way now."

Now that Madonna is supporting Clark, I'm definitely supporting him. Whatever Madonna says is gospel to me, so I know what I have to do.

I wish John McCain would run again on an independent ticket. He should have destroyed Bush, but it's hard to fight the Bush family. McCain is so badass. If he was in office on September 11th, he would have addressed the nation on September 12th, live from a cave in Afghanistan, holding the severed head of bin Laden.

I also like the John Edwards fellow, but he looks too young right now. He'll never win. There are rumors he'll run as Dean's VP, if Dean gets the nod. That'd be good for him. Put some hair on his chest. He also kind of looks like John Ritter, so since our nation is still in mourning about that John, it might be nice to have him in the public eye, just as long as every once in a while he does some slapstick. You know, like that hammock bit from Three's Company.

As far as entertainment value goes, Al Sharpton would be awesome to have as our president. That'd just be hilarious. If anyone in Hollywood has any sense at all, they would steal this idea: A sitcom where Al Sharpton actually gets elected, of course starring Al Sharpton.
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