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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Another thing I got to do this weekend was partake in some cable television. I would like to congratulate MTV for the Real World San Diego. You have finally compiled the perfect combination of assholes!

Maybe it's a little premature, but these folks do seem to be some of the most insecure and psychotic in Real World history. Two gals are quickly becoming my favorite train wrecks.

The first is the girl with the gigantic boobs, who surprisingly works at Coyote Ugly, not the library, which is what I first thought. In one of the first episodes, she calls a stranger outside of a bar a "nigger". She tells that to her black roommate, so he is understandably not happy with her. She apologizes to him by yelling at him and pointing in his face. An interesting way to go about an apology. Later, when the black guy organizes a sitdown with the rest of the roommates to explain what racism is, we find out that she was apparently raped by a black guy. She also tried to justify using "the N word" by saying, "I've even said that word to my white friends, like, 'What's up, my nigga?'" Oh! Well, if you use it regularly among your white friends, then it's cool. If only you told that to us earlier.

The other favorite character is the punky girl who throws up in her sleep on the first night. She has a fear of really large boats. So when they find out that their job this season is working on a sailboat, she kind of freaks out. The sailboat isn't that big, but any time a bigger boat passes by, she has a panic attack. I think we find out in a later episode that she was once raped by a Carnival cruise ship.

It is interesting to watch the progression of people on this show from the first season until now. Everyone on the show now tries so hard to be cooler than cool. In the first episode, the three guys were claiming their dressers. The meathead guy (who broke up with his girlfriend of five years, right after he realized he was living with some promiscuous ladies) said, "Well, I figured we would just take whichever one was closer to your bed, so you can rock that one."

Rock a dresser? Is that possible? Thanks, bro. I will totally rock that dresser. I'm stoked to lay down my socks up in that shit.
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