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Monday, December 15, 2003

Seeing Saddam getting checked for lice is perhaps one of the weirdest images I've ever seen. Here is one of the most feared people in the history of the world, and he's getting the same kind of check-up school nurses give to six-year-old kids. Totally surreal. t's like seeing Hitler at the dentist.

There was a moment while I was watching that where I kind of felt bad for the guy. He looks so pathetic. I thought to myself, Awww, that's someone's grampa. Then I realized that it was someone's grampa who happened to be a psycho murderer.

I would like to see the questioning that will go on with him. Someone asked him if he wanted a glass of water and he replied, "Well, if I take that glass of water I will have to urinate, and if I have to urinate, I will have to go to the bathroom, and how can I possibly go to the bathroom when my people are enslaved?" Uuuuummm, OoooK. So that's a no on the water? A Sierra Mist, maybe?

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