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Sunday, December 21, 2003

One of the greatest things about the city is the graffiti on subway advertisements. It can be political, disgusting, or just plain bizarre. Most of the time, like if it's a newscaster's smiling face, you can bet someone will black out a tooth and put a fake mustache on there. But there is also the very common "dick in the mouth" drawing. For some reason this always cracks me up, that someone took time while waiting for their train to draw a penis going into someone's face.

I walked by a Dharma and Greg ad, and someone had blacked out all but one of Greg's teeth, and Dharma had a dick in her ear. I thought to myself, Now, THAT show I would watch. How would these two characters have met? This fella with only one tooth is married to a very attractive lady who always has a dick in her ear. Only Hollywood can dream it up like that!

I am going to use language of a graphic nature for this next description, so read with caution, in case you are pure, or are in a church right now.

I recently saw someone take the penis in the orifice to a new level. This newscaster had a penis going up her nose, which is nothing new, except that the penis was apparently having an orgasm, which was causing lots of semen to shoot out of every other hole in her face. Her eyes and ears had, for lack of a better word, jiz flying out all over the place.

I would probably not watch that newscast. It would be a little distracting to hear someone talk about Iraq while she has a penis up her nose and semen flying from her eyes. Maybe if it was an entertainment reporter then I'd watch it.

Anyway, I'd like to thank the people who do things like this. It is very enjoyable.
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