Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Someone got my site by searching "Fox 5 Problem Solvers Suck." I am so fucking excited! I love this person. Not real love, but fake cyber love.

Anyway, this person must have seen last night's Problem Solvers segment. They broadcasted the fact that you can park cars really close to cruise ships that are in port on the West Side of Manhattan. Then they talked to a guy who was a bomb expert or a homeland defense advisor or a security guard at Kinko's, who said, "If I was a terrorist, all I'd have to do is park cars filled with bombs really close to all of these ships and detonate them."

Apparently the problem that the solvers wanted to solve was, "Hey! Not enough cruise ships are blowing up. Let's exploit their security weaknesses for all the terrorists of the world to see! Also, there isn't enough in tonight's broadcast that will scare old ladies."

Thank you Problem Solvers. Thank you.
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