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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Here is a list of men and women whose families probably didn't realize this Veterans Day would mean anything to them.

Eighteen years old is too young to be a veteran. Maybe if it was for a noble cause. Sure, you can believe the liberation angle. That's a fun one. But it is painfully obvious this war was based on lies. Soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians are dying for oil and revenge. That's all it is. If it truly is because we were so concerned about the human rights violations of the Iraqi regime, then somewhere on our list of who to liberate next should be the people of China and Saudi Arabia. Something tells me that won't happen.

My friend Rick, who has dubbed me Liberal Larry, doesn't like when I talk about politics, so here is a joke I just made up.

What did the fire tell his doctor after he slept with a hooker?

It pees when I burn.

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