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Friday, October 31, 2003

I am dressed up for Halloween today as a Guy Who Didn't Take a Shower This Morning, Because He Doesn't Have Hot Water, Due to a Gas Leak in the Basement, Plus He Was Out Drinking Last Night, so He Smells Like a Drunk. And Oh Yeah, He's Gassy (Which is Unrelated to the Gas Leak in the Basement).

I should probably win some costume contests.

So yes, no hot water. Sucks. Now I know exactly how the Iraqis feel. Except for that whole Living Under a Murderous Regime thing. Other than that, though, I'm an Iraqi. My hot water had to be turned off because the utility folks found a gas leak. That might explain why I've been very dizzy lately. My landlord felt very bad about the whole thing. He just bought the apartment from my old landlord and he's had nothing but problems. Apparently my old landlord sucked. So I'll take having no hot water for a day or two in exchange for not dying in my sleep. Lucky thing they found it, because if I died, my mom would have been pissed.

The landlord and the plumber were in my kitchen last night and they must have said the word "chimney" at least 47 times, except they kept saying "chim-i-ney". It was very amusing. It was the kind of thing Saturday Night Live sketches are made out of. I don't know where to go from there, but two guys with thick Brooklyn accents saying "chim-i-ney" numerous times is amusing.
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