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Monday, October 06, 2003

According to the Siegfried & Roy official web site, they consider themselves Masters of the Impossible. If you call getting mauled by a tiger Impossible, well then mister, consider me a Master. I could get mauled by a tiger so easily. I'd be so good at it.

Honestly, though, we here at toole.blogspot all wish Roy a speedy recovery.

Does this mean Siegfried is back on the market? Fathers, lock up your sons!

That is terrible. I'm sorry. I hope Roy is OK. One thing I've always wanted to do before I die is see a show where two gay German dudes do a bunch of shit with white tigers. I also want to go skydiving. But not necessarily with two gay German guys. I'd go with them, but it's not a prerequisite. The tiger show, though, must be done by German gay guys. Two of them. No more, no less.

By the way, the Onion published an article last week before the mauling, which was supposed to be written by Roy. Kind of weird. They have since removed it from their site. The Onion has a heart.
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