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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I find it very weird that they are going to continue the John Ritter show. It's fine that they are going to show the final episodes he did, but I highly doubt a show like that can make that sort of transition. I highly doubt it. Seriously. I'm high right now.

My vote is for Sandy Duncan to come in and take over for him. She did it on the Hogan Family, so you know she's got the experience. They can change the show to 8 Simple Rules for Not Making Fun of My Glass Eye. Rule 1: Don't make fun of my glass eye. Think of all the fun they can have with her eye. The scenarios are endless.

Honestly though, how the hell can they do that? I never watched that show, but I imagine that Jack Tripper was the central character. It seems like he'd kind of be playing both the straight man and the funny man, know what I mean? And the show is called 8 Simple Rules for Dating MY Teenage Daughter. The "My" in that is good ol' John.

I'm concerned about the daughters. Girls who lose their fathers that young try to make up for his loss by sleeping with less desirable men. They need a good role model. Maybe Jim Belushi, that hilarious sack of plop can take time off from his poopfest of a show called "According to Jim, The King of Poop," and help those girls out. I feel bad for them.
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