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Sunday, September 07, 2003

For some reason, Whoopi Goldberg has a sitcom coming out. Has she ever been funny? Who likes her? I don't know anyone who likes her. She is one of the worst people in entertainment. Her new show looks horrendous. There's one scene where she is talking to a man of middle eastern descent, and here is what she says to him at one point:

"your people do scare me ...I mean I see three of four of you guys on an airplane, and I'm off."

That is a joke. That's right. A joke. WHERE'S THE FUCKING PUNCH LINE?! I'm sure they are pitching this as, "You know, a show with attitude! We are saying what people are afraid to say." Maybe so, but make it funny. If you are going to do social/political commentary, make it smart. This is basically just a simple racist comment. That's like if there was a show where a white guy said, "I'm nervous when I see black people walking down the street towards me." Imagine that line with a laugh track after it. Wouldn't happen. This is the new racism, though. We're now allowed to say whatever we please about people with olive skin.

I can't wait until this show gets cancelled in three weeks. I'm sure Whoopi will say that people weren't ready for her hard edged humor. No Whoopi, we just like it when comedy is funny. We're weird like that. We like funny comedy.
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