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Monday, August 25, 2003

People who wear shirts like "I survived 9/11" or "I survived the blackout of 2003" are typically the ones who should not have survived. I don't understand the mentality behind that. Especially the 9/11 one, because if you actually wear that in NY, chances are you are going to meet someone who has a relative who did not survive 9/11. And if I was that someone, I'd probably punch you in the face. These guys were selling shirts that said, "First 9/11, then the blackout. WHAT'S NEXT NY?" So idiotic. Also, considering about 4 people died during the blackout, mostly fire related, it really wasn't a tough thing to survive. I'm going to get a shirt that says, "I went 24 hours without power and bitched about it constantly. I'm a pussy!"

I am talking about this today because I saw a guy on the train wearing a hat that said "Ground Zero." Why the fuck would you want to wear a hat of a crime scene where 3,000 people got murdered? And why wasn't anyone wearing hats that said "Pentagon" or "Field in Western Pennsylvania." Maybe I'll get my friend's grandmother a hat that says "I survived Auschwitz."

I'm a little worried about what the 9/11 memorial will actually turn into. 9/11 itself is already a product. It's been used to sell everything from t-shirts and hats, all the way to a full scale war with a country that had nothing to do with it. It's the national tragedy that practically sells itself!
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