Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

People have reached this page by searching the following:

-- I've got a flabby neck
-- Scott Peterson gay good looking
-- before and after eating doritos
-- eating sisters shit

OK. I've got a flabby neck I understand. Someone with a flabby neck was looking for some assistance on how to lose weight in their neck. I once wrote about John McCain having a flabby neck bag, so that makes sense. It would have been funny if it was actually John McCain who was doing the search.

Scott Peterson gay good looking? Not sure what those people intended to find.

I'm assuming someone was looking for why they feel like crap after eating Doritos. I'm convinced science should study this. Doritos should be banned. They are a lethal substance.

Now, eating sisters shit. What fucking sick motherfucker searches that? The reason he got to my site was because those three words are sporadically throughout my site. Apparently this guy couldn't really find what he was looking for because I was number 182 in a search that brought up about 39,300. Perhaps there is a void out there and someone needs to start up Maybe it was a dog who is web savvy and really enjoys eating his sister's poop.

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