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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Egypt banned the Matrix Reloaded because of religious themes. They should have banned it because of that retarded rave scene and not having a plot and for wasting my time and for taking my ten dollars and for making me not give a shit about the third one and showing all of the cool shit in the previews.

Here is some sample dialogue that I am making up from the movie:

Some Character Other Than Neo: But Neo, why are we doing this?
Neo: I don't know. Because the Oracle said so! And it's the Matrix and the public will eat this shit up with a spoon!
Some Character Other Than Neo: Good enough for me! You are the One!

Speaking of the Middle East, this Road Map to Peace is going along swimmingly! Personally, I'd use a lot less missiles and suicide bombers, but hey! I guess that's why I'm not in Washington!
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