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Sunday, April 13, 2003

We best find some weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That'd be bad if we find nothing. They need to find at least a slingshot.

Some soldiers should probably not be allowed to speak when a reporter is within earshot. Dig this nugget from the Daily News:

{A few blocks away, a frustrated merchant railed at Marines sitting in a tank as a gang trashed his store and hauled off booty in his wheelbarrows.

"Is this your liberation?" the merchant cried.

"Hell, it ain't my job to stop them," one Marine replied and lit a cigarette. "Goddamn Iraqis will steal anything if you let them. Look at them."}

At least he called them Iraqis, and not something like Sand Charlies. And it's nice that he didn't put an American flag on the guy's head, then switch it up real quick with the old Iraqi flag, unlike this guy. There are good ideas and bad ideas. That was a bad idea.
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