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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Man, just when you thought this war was getting boring, BAM! Liberation for everybody! For those who started to lose faith in the cause, Iraqis were jumping up and down like a bunch of goofballs yesterday to show that we truly are the Red, Right and Blue. Take that, France! You big fairy peace queens!

These were the pictures that The White House has been waiting for. They downplayed it yesterday, but GW must have been firing off his six shooter. It's a huge win in the propaganda war. And it really was a great moment to watch.

However, outside of that town square, things aren't as rosy. But for the American viewpoint, interest probably peaked yesterday. A lot of people probably won't give a good God damn what happens from now on. Shock and Awe is over, so it's time to turn our attention elsewhere, something more entertaining. This whole rebuilding thing just isn't glamourous.

I couldn't help thinking that while a lot of the Iraqis were trying to dry hump the soldiers yesterday, a lot of the same people were probably dancing in the streets on September 11th. They like us right now, but we always seem to overstay our welcome or at least rub people the wrong way. Kuwaitis loved us for a time, but now they have citizens taking shots at the soliders and acting as suicide bombers.

People will always hate America no matter how many people and natural resources we liberate. Terrorism doesn't die with Saddam Hussein. This war has produced more anti-Americanism than ever.

But does that translate into more September 11ths? Or just more harmless demonstrations with burning flags and effigies? Will the dominance of this war over Iraq demoralize other countries or groups who want to act against America? Was 9/11 just a lucky shot and nothing like that will ever happen again? Will we leave Iraq with a crappy government to deal with and allow their history of war to continue?

These are all good questions, Michael.

Why, thank you Michael!

These problems will probably be around for the rest of your life.

Yes, Michael, I'm aware of that. It's quite a scary thought!

Indeed it is! You look great today, by the way.

Thanks! I think I need a haircut, though.

Hmmm, I guess you do.

What is to be done with this Middle East?

I just don't know.

I'm tired of talking about it. What else is on?

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