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Sunday, April 20, 2003

I just saw the White Stripes at the Hammerstein Ballroom. They were great but didn't play long enough. I'm done with standing at shows. I want to sit. Standing and waiting is for suckers. I hate the people who stay back until four minutes before the headliner comes on, then they make their way forward at the last minute and push through the people who have been standing there for an hour or two.

Because there were people taller than me in my eyesight, I listened to the music and watched Nicole Kidman dance like a freak. She was up in her own private balcony with some folks and she was swinging her head around like a Jersey girl at a Bon Jovi concert. Meanwhile, Winona Ryder was in another balcony sitting down for the entire show. I think she was high. Or possibly contemplating how to steal some drums. Dirty thief. The Strokes were there and they realized that the White Stripes are way better than they are.

Happy Jesus Wake Up Day!
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